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Flaw is finally on an actual comic site! Yay!

After working on this comic for a little over a year now I've finally stopped being lazy and put it up here. For now I'll post both here and on tumblr though you'll find pages uploading quicker over here (as I trust the queue system here more than over on tumblr). If you want to see it sooner than that though consider becoming a patron today!

I don't know what else to put here so I'll just say...

Thank you guys so much for reading or even skimming through my work ^_^ I hope you all have a lovely day/night!

posted by Miss-Sheepy @ July 10th, 2018, 7:33 pm  -  0 Comments

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If you support the comic on Patreon for just $1 a month you can see all the finished pages before they are released to the public! For $5 you can see the sketched pages as soon as their finished! If you're feeling really generous though you can select the $20 tier and get a portrait sketch of any character from Flaw doing whatever you want! (being sfw of course)

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